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Fabien is a dedicated solo farmer with one full-time employee. He raises Label Rouge poultry as well as laying hens, and he has 4 sheds for other poultry. Fabien started out in 2005, originally with a dairy farm, but he always wanted to work with poultry.  So in 2018, he made the switch, and now has 130 hectares of crops to feed and raise his poultry. On a side note, his farm was used as a filming location for French director Guillaume Canet’s film “Au nom de la terre” (In the Name of the Earth)!

I firmly believe in the Label Rouge! Customers can be sure that they are buying quality poultry and that the farmers are getting paid fairly, with animal welfare being a key issue. Consumers thereby become a force for positive change in the farming industry. The Label Rouge specifications are simply common sense. I am proud to say that on my farm, we focus on the comfort of both the animals and the people


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