Our poultry farm
Label Rouge
in Saône-et-Loire

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Poultry also need time to rest: a replay is offered outside these hours.

of the farm

Lucie and her husband have been part of a farming cooperative for 13 years. They cultivate 250 hectares of farmland and operate 4 Label Rouge outdoor runs. Their Label Rouge poultry can roam freely outdoors and are allowed to grow at a slower pace, in keeping with the farmers’ firm commitment to ensuring animal welfare. Their children have also started lending them a hand on the farm, making it a true family enterprise.

We raise our poultry this way because we believe in the Label Rouge. Thanks to the stringent requirements, each farmer is on the same footing no matter where their farm is located, all across France. We follow the specifications to the letter so as not to deviate from the system. I am in favour of animal welfare and premium quality products, so I am in favour of the Label Rouge! The animals are raised for a long time and allowed to roam freely outdoors to guarantee superior taste.


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