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Label Rouge
in Périgord

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Poultry also need time to rest: a replay is offered outside these hours.

of the farm

Pascal is a dedicated Label Rouge poultry farmer! He runs 8 sheds with outdoor runs in the Landais region, where he also runs an organic cattle farm on 50 hectares. However, his core business is Label Rouge poultry. His farm is famous in the local region, and he is very proud to have earned the label.

We are hearing more and more about the importance of local products, and this is compatible with the fundamentals of Label Rouge. Products that are sold locally, without being trucked long distances, raised using local raw materials and ethical production methods. Our animals are treated humanely, raised outdoors from a young age and fed a healthy diet. The Label Rouge is a source of pride for me because we are socially recognized and we offer products that have excellent flavour. The Label Rouge is ranked among the top categories in terms of taste by consumer panels. Another good reason to buy Label Rouge


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