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of the farm

Farmers from generation to generation, Carole’s family knows farming inside out! Carole is the third generation to take over the family farm. She operates her 100-hectare solo farm with one employee. She raises mainly Label Rouge broilers. She has a 400 m² shed and 2 hectares of parkland with trees and shrubs. Interestingly, the cameras are located on a site that used to belong to a farmer whose last name was Poulet (which means chicken in French!).

We are so lucky to be able to produce premium quality broilers in such an amazing environment. We raise our poultry with animal welfare in mind, based on cleanliness and common sense, which results in a superior, delicious product. The most important thing for us is to be proud of the product and the result. The Label Rouge allows us to enrich the outdoor area with natural elements, so the chickens have the space to roam free and be happy. If customers want to eat good food, they should definitely buy Label Rouge poultry


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